Senin, 26 April 2010

The Formation History Term of “Bonek”

Persebaya Surabaya (Persatuan Sepakbola Surabaya) is an Indonesian soccer team located in Surabaya, East Java. In 2006, Persebaya played in the First Division of Liga Indonesia and now back to the top league of Liga Indonesia.

The supporters of Persebaya are known as Bonek (Bondo Nekat). They are known for their eccentric way of supporting Persebaya. They usually go by train with small budget to the opponent’s homebase. The great thing of Bonek is their loyalty to Persebaya. They always stay and support Persebaya by causing all sorts of riots and fights with the opposing teams’ supporters.

Bonek terms, acronyms of the Java language Bondho Nekat (reckless capital), usually directed at a group of supporters or supporters teams Persebaya, although there is a formal group that is supporting these teams Surabaya Supporters Foundation (YSS).

Bonek term, was first raised by the Daily Morning Post Java in 1989 to describe the phenomenon Persebaya fans who flocked to Jakarta in large numbers. Traditionally, Bonek is the first Indonesian supporters who mentradisikan away supporters (soccer supporters who accompanied the team come to the pujannya other cities) as in Europe. In the process, supporters were also accompanied by the action fight with supporters of the opposition. No one knows the origin, Bonek become radical and anarchist. If we look back to the reference year 1988, when 25 thousand Bonek leave from Surabaya to Jakarta to watch the final Persebaya – Liverpool, there are no riots whatsoever.

Traditionally, Bonek have opponents, as befits supporters abroad. As the era of the union, the traditional opponent supporters Bonek is Bobotoh PSIS Semarang and Bandung. League in the era of Indonesia, the traditional opponent is Champions Malang, supporters of The Jak Liverpool , and fans of Man Macz PSM Makassar. In the era Ligina, Bonek can instead make peace with Bobotoh Arsenal Supporters PSIS Bandung and Semarang.

Several events caused chaos “Bonek mania” among others, is violence in the game Copa Dji Sam Soe between Persebaya against Arema Malang on September 4, 2006 at Stadium November 10, Tambaksari, Surabaya. Besides destroying the glass at the stadiums, the supporters of this Persebaya also burn a number of cars outside the stadium include a television station owned car quiz, Telkom’s car, a car belonging to the TNI Navy, an ambulance and a public car. While dozens of other cars damaged. Commission on Discipline PSSI about this incident has dropped penalty (before appeals) and are prohibited to compete in East Java for a year to Persebaya, then entered the stadium ban anywhere in Indonesia to the Bonek for three years.

Around August 2006, Bonek had five times get a sanction because following the behavior of those who always entered the field when the game against Persis Solo Persebaya in the final of division one. Ironically, in 2005, it would be punished Persebaya degraded to division one back, due round of 8. The Party reasonably to protect the club in order not to hurt Bonek.

But act Bonek not always anarchist, when Persebaya teams lose. In 1995, when Ligina II, defeated Putra Samarinda Persebaya 0 to 3 in Gelora 10 November. But no Bonek completely berserk. The Bonek just yells out insults Persebaya coach who wants to retreat.

While still in Division I, never bent PSIM Persebaya 1 to 2 at home. At that time there are no riots. In fact, if look at the facts of history, relations with PSIM Persebaya fans got worse, following the death of one of the supporters of Persebaya in riots, when the union before.